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About Us

CCAT Security is a California-based private security corporation that focuses on providing an effective solution to your security needs. From general guard services to executive protection, we have the security professionals to protect you and your assets.

CCAT was formed on three core values: Commitment, Innovation, and Integrity. We believe that these values are paramount to our successful operation in the security industry, and best suited to serving you. 

Our commitment to security and innovative approach comes through cutting edge training, softwares, and management.
At no additional charge, provide clients 24/7 electronic monitoring and communication so that you may manage your property from afar.

Our Admin


Michael Macias

Founder & CEO

Ever since his initial involvement with Security Services in 2010, Michael knew that one day he would create his own company. Being part of many local Bay Area companies, he was given the opportunity to experience the "ins and outs" of security bureaucracy and effectivity. He learned many flaws in the industry and how he can combat them if he could create a company that practices "Commitment, Innovation, And Integrity".


This led to the creation of CCAT in 2014. Michael is proud to have a team comprised  of some of the best people this industry has to offer : including a collaboration of Law Enforcement, Military, and Highly Trained Professionals. His customer-service approach to the cliental have proven to be effective in the field. 

Michael holds various degrees including Behavioral Sciences, Anthropology, and Admin of Criminal Justice. 

Certificates: BSIS Exposed Firearm Permit, BSIS Guard Card, Baton Permit, Electronic Control Device Permit, OC/GAS Permit, Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, CCAT courses, Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice. Various advancement certificates in the Martial Art of Taekwondo. 


Presidents Service Award 2012 Awarded by Barack Obama

US Department of Home Land Security: Security Awareness Certificate

Deven N.

Police Officer/ CCAT Security Consultant

Deven has worked in various security roles, to include high-risk asset protection, executive/dignitary protection, and CCAT patrol operations. Deven is a firearms instructor, and is constantly training with other companies to bring the best training to CCAT.


Deven's experience has greatly continued to grow, he is currently is serving as a full time Law Enforcement Officer. He currently serves CCAT as a consultant. 

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