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Community Outreach

With the holiday season upon us, it can be extremely easy to get wrapped up in all of the holiday season deals. With that stated... we all know that the holiday season means colder temperatures. Lately CCAT patrol officers have been noticing an increase in transients desperately searching community dumpsters for someone's thrown out jacket or blanket. Our Officers saw an issue with this and took it to the team. From there, the team took advantage of the prevalent holiday-season sales to buy blankets for those in need. Today, we are proud to present the CCAT patrol vehicle stocked with its first (out of many) batch of blankets. Given CCAT's presence in the most active cities of Contra Costa County, this outreach will ensure that those in need will receive some holiday joy and much needed warmth.

We will be giving back to our community this holiday season and will be gladly accepting donations to help distribute to those in need we come in contact with. If you are interested in donating please message us and we will be happy to direct you from there.

From all of us at CCAT Inc., we wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

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