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Tailored Services for Your Business or Residence Property

In the early days of October, 2018, the city of Antioch had experienced a string of auto burglaries, some of which were so confidently executed, their victims had a front row seat. A group of unidentified individuals targeted the Hillcrest area of Antioch for the purpose of stealing purses and bags, hoping they contained items of value. Concerned business owners, such as those who own establishments like County Market, have decided to do something about the safety and security of their property, employees, and customers.  

CCAT specializes in providing tailored service for clients who are experiencing safety concerns and issues. We have highly trained security officers to help create a positive impact on the overall operation and perception of your property. Special thanks to Ofc. Vang for being present for the local news channel stories. Click below to see how having a professional guard service can mitigate crime on your property. 

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