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Merry Christmas, from CCAT

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Everyone is in the giving spirit and focused on spending time with their families and friends. This year, some of us at CCAT took the time to extend this giving spirit outside our families, and give back to the community.

It started with getting the age and gender information to eleven children in the area, and of course a trip to the store.

Filling the cart!

Then, to take all the fun toys, cool games, and cute clothes home to prepare them to be wrapped.

The mountain of to-be-wrapped gifts

After all the gifts were back at the house, they needed some expert wrapping. After a few youtube videos, and some help from the ladies in the family, everything looked just about ready for Christmas. They just weren't in the right place, yet.

Truck is loaded!

After everything was wrapped, bagged, tagged, and loaded in the back of the truck, it was time to go spread the joy of giving, and of course the Christmas holiday.

I don't know who was happier... Michael and Alexis, knowing that our impact on these kids was going to bring them so much joy, or the kids themselves after being provided with something to open o Christmas -- something that would have otherwise not happened. You tell us!

Michael and Alexis unloading the car

Michael and Alexis getting a quick photo with some of the kids

We love to do things for people, and give back to the community that has given us the opportunity to make a difference. Christmas is a holiday that is stressful on many families. Not all families can be together, and not all families have the means to provide their kids with the things they want and need. Every child should enjoy Christmas, and we are happy to have been so instrumental in making it possible for eleven children this year.

After the day was said and done, we could only want to do this again. We are already excited for next year, and want to make in impact in more than just eleven childhoods.

Merry Christmas from our CCAT family to yours. We hope it was the best.

If you couldn't be with your family this Christmas because of your duties as a law enforcement officer patrolling the streets, military service men and women protecting our freedoms abroad, or security personnel creating local impacts on safety for targeted areas, a very special thank-you and Merry Christmas from us at CCAT.

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